Mongol Barota is a growing team of ingenious university students from Bangladesh who give shape to their vision of outlining, constructing and trialing advanced Mars rovers for digging out mysteries and exploring outer space. Doing justice to its name ‘Good News’ ,as we translate it to English, Team Mongol Barota has been accomplishing praiseworthy recognitions over the years and dreams to create bigger and better wonders that will travel beyond the zenith.


System Acceptance Review for URC 2021

Team Mongol Barota, after years of hiatus, had risen from its ashes at the end of 2020, gaining full momentum by the start of the year 2021. Under the leadership of Akib Zaman, and cohesive unison of a resolute team, the team was now stronger than ever. With a new design, an organized team structure, as well as proper support, Team Mongol Barota made a new rover, completely from scratch, which was aptly named “PHOENIX”. The system acceptance review (SAR) video was submitted, and the tasks done by the rover were evaluated. Scoring 93 out of 100, in that very System Acceptance Review, PHOENIX by Team Mongol Barota secured its place among the finalists of the University Rover Challenge of 2021.